Printing companies often rip off their customers by using three different techniques that are quite believable. Customers are losing money on every job they hand off to their printing company without doing any research. There are several reasons why a printing company chooses to overcharge, and this article explains how a printing company takes advantage of its customers Each step in the process proves that printing companies must be vetted properly.

#1: Printing With Low-Quality Ink

Printing with low-quality ink is a simple way for a printing company to save money as they produce their orders. Low-quality ink does not look good, and it will rub off the pages quickly. Every page will stick together because the inks are not dry when the printing is finished, and the pages will continue to stick together long after the job is printed. Printers do not check to ensure the pages are separated after printing, and they may deliver something that is altogether unacceptable.

#2: Printers Use Improper Bindings

Printers use improper bindings to cut down on costs, but they charge the same price they would for a proper binding. Bindings must be created using the industry standard binding products that printers pay for, and each of the printing jobs is used to scalp a few dollars that could have been spent on a better binding. The binding will ruin a good book when it falls apart, and it is quite important that the printer uses proper bindings. Print jobs that fall apart are not worth their money, and it is interesting to check the work a printer has done in the past.

#3: Printers Who Use Glossy Paper

Printers who use glossy paper often cause problems for their clients because they print too much. They charge for something that is not needed, and they force the client to accept the product after the fact. They claim the printing is better because it is glossy, and that is not a good value for the client. Clients are interested in only what they have purchased, and the printer who charges too many rips off their client by pretending to offer greater value.

#4: The Order Must Be As Specific As Possible

Printers may choose to order without being specific, and All About Print’s services are specific in every way. They are quite good at helping customers order, and they show the customers what would be most helpful for them. There are quite a few people who will order properly once they speak to someone who helps. Printing companies that do not take specific orders will print anything they like, and they will print that at a higher price. The orders are overdone because the printer may charge for it without being out of line.

The printing services used by customers around the world are often overcharging for their services. They use tactics that are quite dishonest to create profits, and their profits are had only after the client receives an inferior product or an overdone printing order.